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Simple FTP Library  v.1.0

SFTP Library is an extremely powerful FTP library for java that is simple enough that even beginners can make good use of it.

SharpFTP .NET FTP Library  v.1.0

SharpFTP is a library for manipulating FTP functionality using .NET or mono.

.NET Secure FTP Library  v.1.0

This is a port to C# of the original ftp4che SourceForge project which can be located here:

EdtFTPnet/Free  v.2.2.2

edtFTPnet/Free is a world-beating open source FTP library for .NET. It is widely used throughout the world in many projects because of its maturity, stability and reliability. It includes support for active and passive modes, binary and ASCII.

Alexis FTP  v.rc

aftp is an FTP library and an FTP tool. The aftp tool is a good example on how to use the library. You need FTP functionality in your software? Use the aftp library! Now also atelnet(d), a client and server telnet between MS-Windows (server) and

EdtFTPj/Free  v.2.3.0

Open source Java FTP library widely used on thousands of projects. Supports active and passive modes, binary and ASCII modes, resuming of transfers, most FTP extensions.

Ftp4che  v.0.7.1

Feature rich FTP Library using Java 1.4 / 5.0 (2 different builds) methods and java.nio.

FTP Component  v.1.0

.NET lacks FTP classes. KCommon FTP component lets programmers build .NET apps so users can send or receive files via FTP. Supports synchronous and asynchronous transfers. Supports passive but not active mode. Written in C#. Doesn’t support proxies.

FlagFtp  v.0.1.2 Alpha

FlagFtp is a NET library designed to help developers that are involved in building FTP applications. FlagFtp supports various operations, such as retrieving file lists, write and read from / to files, retrieving files and directory info.

C# FTP Server Library  v.1.0

A C# .net library for creating customised FTP servers. It should be left up to the application to determine authenication, provide directory listings, and provide file data. The library should purely deal with the FTP protocol using managed

Python FTP server library  v.1.0

Python FTP server library provides an high-level portable interface to easily write asynchronous FTP servers with Python.

OpenFTP .Net FTP client library  v.1.0

OpenFTP is an open FTP client library written in C# for .Net. There is currently production quality active and passive upload capability and there is basic infrastructure for all else.

FTP Proxy Exploit Library  v.1.0

This library allow you to create any tunneling applications over a ftp proxy.This is useful if you want to access a mail server from a place where pop connections are not allowed.

Captain FTP for Mac OS  v.6.2

Publishing web sites can be a time consuming affair, to reduce the workload Captain FTP has been equpped with Sync Browsing. If the local and remote directory structure match, users can browse the locally folders and the remote folder will

CleanFTP Library  v.0.1.beta

CleanFTP is a pure-Java FTP client library with a small footprint, fast, easy to use and with no dependencies. This FTP client library allows you to easily monitor file

Yed - Yet another C library  v.2.0.0

Yed is a C software library made of modules (objects) instanceable according to the main paradigms of OOP: incapsulation and data hiding. The library contains objects that handle XML files and buffers, FTP connections, file system operations

War FTP Daemon Engine  v.3.01.12

A generic C++ class library for FTP server implementations, including a full-featured, mature FTP server.

FTP for PL/SQL  v.1.0

UTL_FTP is a FTP client for PL/SQL. It is simple, clean and light. It allows multiple concurrent sessions. Uses stored Java for the library backend.

J2ME FTP Client  v.1.0

Simple J2ME FTP client Library.Using this Library you can list files,upload file ,download file and all FTP client function.

CD Library  v.1.4

CD Library is a media cataloging tool for the Windows platforms.CD Library creates catalog files of drives - CD-ROMs, hard disks, floppies, ZIPs, ... and folders. It offers these catalogs offline for browsing and search operations with wildcards.

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